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Lexfaith Law Office

Lexfaith Law Office was established in July 2020. Our legal services include company establishment and registration, foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, financial laws, fund investment, medical and health care, employment relationship, contract review, other general corporate matters, and litigations / dispute resolutions.  Also, we cooperate with Media-WIND Health Group to contribute to the improvement of patent's health care. 

In addition, due to change of population structure in Taiwan, the proportion of the elderly population is gradually increasing. In the future, the elderly population living alone and without children will need professional and independent legal and social services for property security matters. In this regard, while providing legal services for various commercial activities.  To assist in responding various problems arising from the change of the demographic structure, w
e will fulfill our social responsibilities, donate more than 10% of our income to Taiwan Kang-Ning Social Welfare Association, and cooperate with it to provide services related to the elderly's retired life and property security, such as providing consultation and services related to guardianship declaration and elderly nursing trust, contribute to social welfare-related affairs.

Our office is located in the Exhibition Hall of Taipei World Trade Center  (Exhibit Hall 1). Please enter through the gate on Xinyi Road, and then take the No. 8 elevator next to the guard room to the M floor.